Through smart architectural design and thoughtfully curated installations across the board in his projects, Marcus Hiles gives back to residents as well as the environment, working towards both individual and global perspectives. His selection of the best parcels of land near the highest-ranking schools is enhanced by 100s of acres dedicated to the creation of parks and perpetual conservation easements, providing residents with the best education for children, and healthy outdoor activities for families. Hiles’ goal to increase the green canopy surrounding each development has witnessed the installation of more than 30,000 trees, removing more than 75 tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year. As reported by Fortune magazine about new home trends, “Zero Energy Ready (ZER) is today’s gold standard for efficient home design. Created by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2008, the program boasts over 14,000 energy-efficient homes resulting in millions of dollars in energy savings.” Hiles’ complexes are built with this initiative in mind, and through attention to high quality development, choosing extra tall dual pane windows, radiant barrier panels on roofs, Energy Star appliances, cellulose sound protection, and water-conserving irrigation, have resulted in over $500,000 in financial savings, as well as reduced carbon emissions by 32,000 tons. The natural spaces created by his built environments, in addition to nurturing social interaction between friends and family through sport, fitness, five-star hotel amenities, and modern architectural design, have earned national awards from Satisfacts, four years running, recognizing residents’ approval.

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Marcus Hiles Increasing Tree Canopy Surrounding Developments

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