Marcus Hiles is a real estate entrepreneur in Texas. One of his biggest achievements is the introduction of Western Rim Property Services which is a new face to the Texas Real Estate. His ideology is simple; he wants people to find the best place in the city which is not only luxurious and comfortable, but also affordable.

The quality that makes Marcus Hiles different from the other people in real estate is his love and care for his people. Being a well reputed philanthropist, his prime focus is on the welfare of the people. His work and his business revolve around the comfort of the people in his city. He wants them to enjoy the same facilities and amenities the upper class enjoys. Marcus Hiles came from a humble background; he was born in the house of a simple school minister of the city. He never got the chance to enjoy the lavish and comfortable lifestyle most people take for granted. And it is this simple past that makes Marcus Hiles who he is today. From a very early age he wanted to give in for a bigger cause; he wanted to help and bring a change in people’s life that needed it. And for this reason, he devised plans and set them in motion for the betterment for his fellow citizens. Throughout his journey, he remained professional, never forgetting his roots and proceeded to revolutionize the face of real estate in Texas.

His first project was the Western Rim Properties which brought into the limelight. Even though he had a lot on his plate, he still managed to keep up with his philanthropy activities too. After spending the required time in the market, understanding the tools and techniques he needed, he started his own real estate company.

Marcus Hiles – Promising you a better lifestyle

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